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Under the epidemic, the little masks are also modern(3)

At the fall / winter 2020 fashion week that ended not long ago, the models also demonstrated to the world what "masks are fashionable and correct", through the evolution of the concept of masks, to complete the aesthetic and emotional expression of "still holding the pipa half-covered".

The popularity of colorful masks has also allowed netizens at home and abroad to show more personalized, high-value masks. For example, the "IKEA masks" made of IKEA bags and the personality masks made of CHANEL packaging can only be said that this young man's practical ability is too good. If you are clever and rich in imagination, you can also DIY yourself, maybe there will be unexpected fashion effects!

Mask match: heavy eye makeup with hair accessories of the same color

Walking in the streets and alleys, you can observe that white masks are too obtrusive, medical blue masks are a bit like sicknesses, most young people will choose black masks as the most reliable single item of "mask fashion". Since the fashion of 2020 is destined to be inseparable from the mask, and also have to take care of fashion while preventing epidemic, then how can this new piece of mask be worn better?

Unified color system. First of all, you can follow the principle of the same color system, let the mask and clothing color system one, in order to achieve overall harmony. If the color of the mask is light, then the color of the clothes should also be lighter; if the color of the mask is dark, then the overall match should also be closer to the darker line. In this way, the mask will not be particularly eye-catching.

It is best to tie up your hair. The mask has covered most of the face, and if it is still disheveled, it will look unconscious. And the larger the exposed area of ​​the hair, the higher the probability of getting the virus bacteria, so it is better to honestly tie the hair. This is especially suitable for flattened heads, bangs or side hairs that always slide down to cover your face. Nowadays, there are matching products for masks, hairpins, and hairbands on the market. You may wish to use large bow hairpins, wide hairbands, wide headbands and other hair accessories to add embellishment to the head, so that the mask will not appear. Especially awkward.
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