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Under the epidemic, the little masks are also modern(2)

It is said that the first country to use "masks" for hygiene is China. When Marco Polo came to China when he saw a "mask" made of silk cloth in the court, he recorded this information in "Marco Polo's Travels". In the palace of the Yuan Dynasty, all the people who donated food covered their mouths and noses with silk cloth to avoid touching their food with their breath. From this perspective, the silk cloth covering the mouth and nose of Yuan Dynasty waiters is indeed somewhat similar to the current masks. The mask is being used in the medical field in a serious way. It was still until the end of the 19th century that German pathologist Ledchi discovered that airborne bacteria could cause wound infections. Since then, people have realized the importance of masks for preventing infectious diseases. It can be seen that from ancient times to the present, masks have been an important part of human breathing defense.

"Fashion masks": Aesthetic expression of half-faced pipa

During the Spring Festival this year, our family of three was traveling in Myanmar. In those days, everyone has been snapping up local masks. I remember watching the sunset at Uben Bridge that day, there were many Burmese girls standing by the bridge, selling them with a variety of masks. My son bought two packs of blue camouflage masks. After returning to China, he attracted a lot of envious eyes. Some passers-by even stepped forward to find out where they bought the mask ... At that moment, I felt like I was in a hurry.

In fact, in Japan, "mask fashion" has long existed, the Japanese are also known as "face mask nation", most Japanese people have the habit of wearing masks when traveling. Japanese girls wear masks and can go out with just an eye makeup, saving even lipstick. And masks are not lacking in the fashion world. In the Chinese New Year blockbuster launched by Marine Serre and tattoo artist Miki Kim in early 2020, the mask element occupies a very important position, thereby expressing concern about the environment and environmental protection.
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