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The cumulative number of confirmed cases worldwide exceeds 4.33 million. The number of confirmed cases in the United States exceeds 1.38 million.(4)

The French Health Agency issued a press release on the 13th that 140,734 cases were diagnosed in France, an increase of 507 compared with yesterday. There were 83 new deaths and a total of 27074 deaths.

France gradually lifted the ban from the 11th, and some schools in Nice and other places resumed classes on the 12th, and students and teachers returned to school. On the 12th, the French Minister of Health, Welland, once again rejected the request of the Mayor of Paris to "open parks and gardens", saying that this may cause the people to gather to spread the epidemic. Wei Lan also said that if the epidemic broke out again, it would consider taking blockade measures again.

A total of 229,705 cases have been diagnosed in the UK

According to the data updated by the UK Ministry of Health on the 13th at 14:00, there were 3242 new cases of British new coronary pneumonia diagnosed in a single day, with a total of 229705 cases. There were 494 new deaths on a single day, and a total of 33186 deaths.

The 13th is the first day since the new coronary pneumonia epidemic in the UK began to implement strict control measures for seven weeks since March 24. As some professional workers began to resume work, on the morning of the 13th, subway, bus and other bus passengers increased significantly. Passengers are basically unable to draw a safe social distance of 2 meters apart from each other, and many people do not wear masks as required by the government to relax control measures, causing health system staff to worry.

A total of 143,114 cases diagnosed in Turkey continue to maintain high alert

The new crown epidemic situation data released by the Turkish Ministry of Health on May 13 shows that there are 1639 newly confirmed cases in the country, with a cumulative diagnosis of 143114 cases; 58 new death cases, with a cumulative death of 3952 cases.

Turkish President Erdogan said on the 12th that Turkey will continue to maintain high vigilance against the new coronavirus. He said that although the epidemic in Turkey has obviously slowed down, it must remain vigilant until the virus completely disappears worldwide. He also urged Turkish citizens to wear masks when they go out, abide by social distance and related health regulations, and do not go out unless necessary.
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