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Analysis of the system structure of the mask machine and its corresponding maintenance techniques
Analysis of the system structure of the mask machine and its corresponding maintenance techniques
 Analysis of the system structure of the mask machine and its corresponding maintenance techniques
Mask machine maintenance and maintenance is very important, not only to delay the accuracy of the mask processing speed, but also to reduce the chances of equipment maintenance.
Usually, we divided the maintenance of mask machine into several aspects: appearance, transmission, electrical system, ultrasonic system, pneumatic system.
We use masks to put on the face, some even go into the operating room to use, so the production of masks must request that the mask machine must be clean and tidy. Need to schedule a day of work after the end of the equipment off the working surface, bloom mask plate clean, be careful not to water, not oil, you can use alcohol and other toxic volatile cleaning solutions.
Transmission system:
The transmission system includes motor, gear, reducer, sprocket, chain, conveyor belt and other components, we must check whether the motor is connected to the external surface of the dust and other things affecting the heat, gear, sprocket is oil, whether the clamp. Chain tension is appropriate if a foreign body, the connection between the transmission parts (e.g., the screw is loose). Is gear oil enough? Generally 1000 to 1500 hours to replace oil.
Electrical system:
Check device circuit connectors are loose, main wires, branches and other signal lines for wear what? Aging? Loose electrical parts? Inside the electrical box is clean, dry and the exhaust fan works normally.
Ultrasonic system:
Check that the ultrasonic system is clean, especially the ultrasonic electrical box, shaking the child, must be dry and clean and the welding head must not have water to connect the line must be real prison. Always check the degree of wear of the ultrasonic welding head. Observe the variation range of ammeter pointer of ultrasonic and electric box voltmeter.
Gas supply system:
Check the air filter for a glass of water? Turn on the water to the air compressor water. Check the leak pipe? Cylinder leakage? Anti - magnetic cylinder sensor position and normal operation.
Also: the device should not be exposed to corrosive liquids and objects, such as sweating, which can easily lead to equipment parts rusting. Equipment will not be used for example: vacation. The driveline must be easily covered with rusting oil.
Speed through the maintenance and repair of the mask machine, we can mask machine greatly reduce the maintenance time, greatly extend the service life of the mask machine.