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Ultrasonic welding machine
  Ultrasonic welding machine
Ultrasonic welding machine
Ultrasonic welding machine (t1001-8)
this machine is a high-power ultrasonic welding machine. This machine is a single-head split ultrasonic welding machine. The ultrasonic generator is connected with the main machine by a cable, which can avoid the failure caused by vibration during operation.

Basic principles and characteristics of ultrasonic welding:
Produced by ultrasonic generator 20 KHZ, high voltage, high frequency electric signals through the inverse piezoelectric effect of transducer converts mechanical oscillation with frequency, and effects on the mask, in the form of audio p-wave by mask surface and inner friction and make the transfer to the interface between the molecules of temperature, when the temperature reaches the melting point of respirator itself, mask interface rapidly melting, and then fill in the space between the interface, when the shaking stops, workpiece cooling under certain pressure setting at the same time, to achieve perfect welding.
1. Main structure and component brands of the equipment
Energy conversion system: using Japanese original chip transducer, Japanese emperor brand steel variable amplitude rod, strong power, strong wear resistance, than the same domestic energy conversion system power 20% higher. Pneumatic components: adopt famous brand of Taiwan - extension of large diameter cylinder Φ 63 * 75 mm, five-way solenoid valve, smooth operation, buffer effect is good, eliminate the welding head recoil force of the impact of the workpiece and the transducer, in favor of the artifacts of the welding is more precise and effective protection of piezoelectric ceramic piece. 

The machine is equipped with precise fine-tuning mechanism, the fine-tuning distance can be precise to 0.02mm, and there are instrument instructions. The height of the fuselage and the descending distance of the welding head are indicated by calibration, with an accuracy of 1.0mm; 


unique rectangular column design, higher mechanical strength, effectively avoid the phenomenon of working backward, frame plate gold all by laser cutting machine, CNC shear plate bending machine processing, ensure the machine assembly is well matched, the machine all paint processing, good adhesion, not off, beautiful appearance. 

Motion structure: 

the equipment adopts the Taiwan famous brand linear slide track, the precision is very high, (is the traditional guide bar with linear bearing can not be compared) and is firm and wear-resistant, make the welding head drop more stable, no deviation, more conducive to welding more precise products. 

Balance mechanism: 

transducer component can free rotation, and transducer component set level structure, adjustable workbench set adjustable structure, two kinds of structure of debugging to debug mold is more convenient and quick, easy to operate, easy to understand. 

Electrical system: 

a full range of high-quality imported components assembly, power amplifier part of improved design, increase the amplification components share the load, reduce the temperature rise of triode, reduce the damage rate, no SPC board design, by Japan OMRON time relay instead of mechanical dial the code switch, time control more precise and reliable.