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Ultrasonic Lace Stitching Machine
  Ultrasonic Lace Stitching Machine
Features of ultrasonic lace stitching machine:
* eliminate the pinhole phenomenon caused by the traditional sewing machine, the processing products have good water tightness, high production efficiency, no needlework accessories, smooth fusion cutting surface without burrs, good hand feel and other characteristics.
* up to 20,000 vibration per second, starting up can be processed, without preheating, easy to operate, continuous processing, fast speed, high efficiency, low labor cost, simple mechanical operation, easy maintenance, 20KHZKZ low noise ultrasound, anti-noise dry.
* ultrasound lace stitching machine is an efficient stitching and embossing equipment. As long as the replacement of flower wheel can do all kinds of pattern processing, ultrasonic lace sewing machine processing without smoke and gunpowder, do not harm the edge of the cloth, can avoid burr; Flower wheel high precision, long life, short delivery time, professional staff on behalf of the customer design, making flower wheel. Ultrasonic wave generator with super output, high efficiency, low welding head temperature, stable machine quality, the most suitable for thermal plasticity thin continuous processing.
Dimensions: hs802-50 2 inches
Application of ultrasonic lace stitching machine:
* ultrasonic lace stitching machine is mainly used for seaming, welding, cutting and embossing of synthetic fiber cloth. It can replace the flower wheel simply. No preheating is needed during production; Edge packaging paper, gold foil, pressure without preheating; Tongjin function; Can be more than a dedicated machine, in order to complete a wide degree of products, welding head wear resistance and long life. It is widely used in garment lace, bed cover, pillowcase, car cover, tent, packing belt, backpack, travel belt, portable belt, curtain, raincoat, windbreaker, travel belt, toy, glove, doily, chair cover, quilt cover, mask, protective suit, belt, hair ornament, ornament, umbrella, etc.
Suitable material for ultrasonic lace stitching machine
Chemical fiber cloth, or contain chemical fiber blended, chemical film (including more than 30% of the chemical fiber), can be processed into the required products, such as Nylon cloth, needle and thread, non-woven (non-woven cloth, ES material, PP non-woven fabric, etc.) T/R fabric, Trinidad and Tobago dragon (Polyester cloth), multi-layer cloth, and various of laminating film table cloth kind of film paper are applicable.